Tiny peeps inhabit the city for the Hereford H-BID campaign.

ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT (c) Nick Meers 2015
NO repro without permission
Tiny people go skating early on a Sunday morning, near the Hereford Bull a Tiny street artist gets the message out to vote yes for H-BID Tiny people looking at a billboard poster in Broad Street Tiny people putting up Vote Yes posters at night, near the Old House Vote Yes on a Morris Column in the High Street Tiny People read the Vote Yes Morris Column near the Old Market Vote Yes sticker at 'Fodder' attracts a small crowd of Tiny People in Church Street a tour group of tiny people admire the old buildings behind the Maylord Centre Tiny people look out from the Old House across the busy saturday Market
Tiny people freeclimbing up the Bronze Hereford Bull, with The Old House behind Tiny people freeclimbing up the nose of the Bronze Hereford Bull Tiny people in the Braille model of Hereford City, in Cathedral Close Tiny people admire Hereford Cathedral from the Old Bridge across the River Wye Tiny person riding down the bicycle lane in King Street into town Tiny people attract unwelcome attention in Church Street Skating on the back of the Bronze Bull sculpture in High Town Tiny people mowing and clearing up, next to Newmarket Street Tiny people clean up the brass letters on the pavement near the Butter Market in Old Town
Tiny people clean up the brass letters on the pavement near the Butter Market in Old Town Tiny people cleaning the top of a rubbish bin in Widemarsh Street Tiny people ride their mopeds down Broad Street Tiny people climbing on a lampstand near The Old House Tiny people reading and working in the City Library, Hereford Tiny people drinking in the Cafe at All Saints Church Tiny people drinking coffee at The Coffee Cart in the Old Market Tiny people shopping in the Old Market shopping centre Tiny people sunbathing at the Old Market shopping centre
Dancing the night away in The Kerry, with Commercial Street beyond Tiny person on the shoulder of Edward Elgar's statue, admiring the cathedral Little people contemplating the loss of the embedded Cannon Ball, in the old city walls Tiny people fishing in the Duck Pond, Hereford Tiny children playing near the The 'Welcome to Hereford' topiary